Online Resources

The goal of this page is to provide information that is pertinent to the health, welfare and development of Gorge Harbour. Please note that the resources listed here are intended to provide information, NOT to bias towards one view. The information in some cases is quite polarized. Our effort here it to provide resources from the entire spectrum, but information that is fact driven.


Community Resources

  Cortes Island Tidelines Source of local news
  Discovery News on the Discovery Islands including Quadra and Cortes
  Cortes Island Museum and Archive Society Cortes Island historical records and museum
Environmental/Ecological Resources
  Marine and freshwater conservation
  Georgia Strait Alliance Marine and coastal conservation along the Georgia Strait
  The Association for Responsible Shellfish Farming Information pertaining to responsible shellfish farming and how you can help
  Victoria Natural History Society Natural History resource information for in and around Victoria. Some useful information for Vancouver Island in general.
  Resources for BC's natural history
  The Living by Water Project Information on living harmoniously along Canadian shorelines. Mandate is stated as: "working towards healthier human and wildlife habitat along the shorelines of Canada".
  Excellent resource on invasive species including the PDF download to their incredible guide
Shellfish Aquaculture Resources
  Cortes Island Shellfish Information about the Cortes Island shellfish industry
  B.C. Shellfish Growers Association Website of The BC Shellfish Growers Association (BCSGA)
  Centre for Shellfish Research - Vancouver Island University Website for the Centre for Shellfish Research on Vancovuer Island
Boating Resources
  Navigable Waters Protection Program Official site for the Navigable Waters Protection Program of Transport Canada
  Green Boating - Georgia Strait Alliance Information on better Green Boating practices including the downloadable "Guide to Green Boating"
Government Resources
  Canada Gazette The official publication of the Canadian Government
  Strathcona Regional District News on Regional Governance

National Aquaculture Strategic Action Plan Initiative

National Aquaculture strategic plan website. B.C. is singled out as a special consideration.
Businesses on Gorge Harbour
  Local marina and marine services

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