Gorge Harbour Cruise

June and August we have planned harbour cruises around Gorge Harbour aboard the Party Barge. Dates to be announced soon - first cruise will be end of June.

Stay tuned for more information....


The Spectral Waters of Gorge Harbour

Christian W. Gronau

This is an amazing piece put together by Christian who, together with Aileen, have observed the transitions and changes in natural history on Gorge Harbour of over 25 years.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the plankton community within Gorge Harbour.


May 1, 2010 at 10am

Gorge Harbour Beach Clean up Success!

The Harbour cleanup was a HUGE success! Thanks everyone who turned out for a great time on a beautiful day! We had 32 people and a number of boats to help with the pickup, including the party barge

Thanks Dova and Brian at the Recycle Centre for accomodating us and helping to unload the truck.

Thanks to the Gorge Harbour Marina for food and beverage donations and usage of the Marina facilities!

Click here to see photos from the day!

Word Search Puzzle!

Thank you Heather Bruce for putting together this marvelous puzzle! It reminds us of what we're on Gorge Harbour for and why we love to live, work and play here!

Click here to download it... (PDF)

(Thank you Heather Bruce!)

gorge entrance

Life on the Gorge..

Do you have any good photos of life on Gorge Harbour? Boating? Working? Having a great time?

Please send us any stories and/or photos to tell us why you love Gorge Harbour!


In needs of a Logo!

Stewards of Gorge Harbour Society needs a logo! Please unleash your creative talents and send us your ideas.

What does Gorge Harbour mean to you?

Gorge Harbour Ecological Inventory

We're starting to collect an online inventory of the incredible biodiversity of Gorge Harbour and we're aksing for your assistance. Please go to our Ecology page to see what we're up to...

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