Caption  :  Fanning out to find the garbage
Caption  :  Cruising up to the place where it all ends up... the west end
Caption  :  Big find! It took at least three big guys to move this thing...
Caption  :  More good stuff!
Caption  :  A few oyster trays..
Caption  :  Captain Marcel
Caption  :  Boat pieces?
Caption  :  North end finds included a large net, piles of plastic and the remains of a boat!
Caption  :  Now for the reward... lunch!
Caption  :  One last chance to grab stuff...
Caption  :  The crowd! Missing are Richard and Maureen Godfrey, John Macdonald, and Helen Radosevic (and of course Amanda took the photo).
Caption  :  Fiona with her find
Caption  :  After sifting through for recyclables... one very full truckload! One other truckload was left at the West end to be removed from the road.