About Stewards of Gorge Harbour Society

Welcome to Stewards of Gorge Harbour!

We are a community based organization interested in the health, welfare and development of Gorge Harbour on Cortes Island. Our goal is to establish long-term dialog amongst those interested in the fate of Gorge Harbour, including the wider community of those who live, work and play in its waters and along its shores.

To achieve this goal, we serve as an information resource on, and about, Gorge Harbour, and provide this information in order to assist with sound decision making. We accomplish this by gathering, assembling, and distributing information online and via written reports and presentations. It is within all of our best interest to understand and answer questions pertaining to the history, science and ecology behind this beautiful harbour.

To help estabilish dialog, we organize social, educational and cultural events that will help strenghten our community. Dialog is vital for the preservation and development of Gorge Harbour, and for its future as a home and livelihood to all. .

We are in the process of assembling our digital library and online resources, including scientific studies to help us all better understand the science and potential of Gorge Harbour. Please be patient as we develop this website. We invite all who are interested in the health, welfare and development of Gorge Harbour to contact us and become a member of the Stewards of the Gorge and we invite the contribution of information. By working together, we hope to take care of Gorge Harbour for future generations.


Our mandate is to serve as stewards of Gorge Harbour by assuming responsibility for its long term protection and its ecologically sound development. We will accomplish this by:

  • Serving as a repository for scientific and historical data relating to the health, welfare, and development of Gorge Harbour

  • Informing and educating the local communities and users (“stakeholders”) on the ecology of Gorge Harbour

  • Consulting with stakeholders to make sound decisions as these issues pertain to Gorge Harbour

  • Serving as a public voice of the its members who are concerned about  Gorge Harbour

  • Encouraging dialog among all of the stakeholders of Gorge Harbour

  • Consulting with appropriate government in the management of Gorge Harbour

  • Developing a healthy respect for ourselves, our community and our environment

The Stewards of Gorge Harbour is a not for profit organization dedicated to the health, welfare and development of Gorge Harbour. The content on this site are the opinions of the members and are in no way intended to defame or incite. We make an effort to provide information based on facts. Copyright 2010.